The Top 5 Non-Negotiables For Marriage

What is non-negotiable for a loving relationship?

Maybe you are feeling the same way. Maybe you have been working on yourself and trying to improve your relationship. Maybe you just don’t see the changes you are hoping for in your spouse or significant other, and you are left wondering if what you feel is even reasonable.

Here are 5 non-negotiable things you can (and should) expect from a loving partner.

Mutual Respect

Loving partners may not always agree, but there is mutual respect given, and opinions are appreciated. Disagreements occur without putdowns and with the value attributed to both individual’s thoughts and ideas.


Intimacy is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. Both partners can expect mutual and active cultivation of intimacy.

To Be Cherished

You can and should presume to be cherished in a committed, loving relationship and then treated as such.

Empathy and Compassion.

Empathy and compassion are sometimes hard to glean in today’s self-centered and entitled culture, but they are of the utmost importance in a marriage relationship.


In every close relationship, there will be conflict. Conflict is a fact and a given. You can expect a battle, but you can also expect an appropriate response to fighting from a partner.



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